A Significantly Different Year

March 12, 2007

Ah; finally settled and bracing myself for another year, which is becoming significantly different from last.

The centre of this year is of course; university (oh and friends too)! I’m using a general 3D graphics program called “Lightwave” for two of my subjects; Imaging and Animation and Digital Painting, Lighting and Printing. My other two subjects are more theoretical; Media Cultures and Data Com. The latter is a simplified introduction to computer networking, which should be easy as I’ve completed the CISCO CCNA 1-4 courses. Study should be no trouble as my lecturers are outstanding.

I bought Final Fantasy 12 and have been playing it here and there. I love it, although it makes me want to get a new TV, I have to squint to read the text. The battle system is great; a mix of turned-based and real-time which allows a lot of freedom. You can even program all the characters’ actions via ‘gambits’ so you can be lazy and watch them automatically fight. The characters are awesome too. I’m only a small part way through, but so far impressed.

I have a job this year working part-time at BigW on the home entertainment desk. I was pretty happy when I was told what position I was being offered. Now I’m working closer to what I love; video games! It’s been interesting to hear what motivates people to buy consoles. PS2’s are still selling and the Wii is very popular. The only problem is I’m tempted to buy so many games. Maybe I’ll wait until I get a staff discount card. A larger TV would also be good…


Coming ‘home’

February 17, 2007

I’ve packed my belongings and am ready to go on the nine hour journey. I’m looking forward to leaving tomorrow although the temperature is going to hit 40 degrees, maybe even hotter across the dry outback. It’s the start of my second year of University in Melbourne, studying games design. I’m journeying from Adelaide to Melbourne again, from my hometown and family.

I’ll miss everyone in Adelaide but I’m getting used to moving a lot. I also miss the people in Melbourne when I’m in Adelaide. I can’t wait to be in Melbourne again.

Must Play – Psychonauts

January 26, 2007

Psychonauts – Recruiting Goggalor

Psychonauts is an insane video game! I recently bought it for my PS2 because a friend raved about it. He played it on PC, so the PS2’s graphics are shockingly bad in comparison. I bought it as a collector’s item.

I love this particular cutscene; in a level in the game where your avatar/ protagonist Raz stomps through a miniature Japan-esque city of lungfish people. I laugh so much at these charismatic characters. They are hilarious yelling “freedom!” Their mouths flapping at a horrendous hinge with their disgusting diseased eyes! Everyone has to play this game, stat!

Pondering Over PS3

January 24, 2007

PS3 vs Wii – Apple Style

One of my friends asked me on MSN, “When are you getting a PS3?”

The answer is; probably never. I’m a cheap under-$5-lunch buying college student. If I bought a PS3 it would equal the cost of my food bill for a year. So lets see; I either spend an initial $1,000 on a shiny beefed-up new-gen console, which will drain my costly internet balance and will need at least one $100+ game, or spend it on KFC twisters and midnight pizza with gelati. Food wins hands down in any situation.

She also added that the Wii was inferior, as a reason why I should have a PS3. I admit the graphics and processing power are superior, but really Wii is an equal competitor as a new-gen console. The new control system placed the Wii on my ‘to buy’ list a year before it was released. I’m a sucker for new inventions and I’m quite sick of the standard games controller. Graphics also amount to nothing if your TV can’t handle the differences. The same friend owned an Xbox 360 at college which was displayed off a cheap $100 TV. I tried playing Oblivion on it but the text was so hard to make out. The only thing that interested me was manipulating the rag-doll physics by repeatedly stabbing at rat carcasses. Gameplay stands out in games no matter what TV you are using. Hence why I’ll never notice the graphical differences between the Wii and PS3 on my current widescreen TV, but the gameplay will be obvious. I bought the Wii for new gameplay experiences, while the PS3 doesn’t interest me in the same way.

I’ll probably never get a PS3, or not until I have large amounts of disposable cash. I’m not against the PS3, I’ll definitely play it. I’ve already played a bit of Resistance: Fall of Man in Game Traders. As for my college friend; she can buy a PS3 if she wants, I’m not complaining as I will be able to ‘borrow’ it off her when she does.

Beware of Mii

December 19, 2006

Beware of Mii

Posted on my Deviant Art page

An edited photo of the craziest ‘Mii’ I have made on my Nintendo Wii.

Beware of the Miis!

Wii Midnight Launch

December 10, 2006

Last Wednesday night was the Nintendo Wii midnight launch in Australia. I joined the line in Adelaide, outside Toys “R” Us in Rundle Mall, at 7PM. There was a large turnout (for Adelaide; not like America) of 200 people, maybe more were waiting later on Thursday morning.

I was the 10th person in line for the Wii, it was so exciting. Even through the store allowed people to come in at 12AM I didn’t get my console till 12:55. It was well worth waiting and participating in the event. I enjoyed talking to people in the line, most just there for the fun of it.

Now back to playing Twilight Princess!

Late PS2 Owner

December 5, 2006

I’m on holidays now and am spending the four long months with my family and friends in Adelaide. In between working in two jobs and catching up with friends, I’ve promised myself to play a lot of new games.

I’m a late PS2 owner. Up until now I have only owned Nintendo consoles. I have played friends PS2’s here are there and thought I’d wait till the prices drop to play the games that interest me. I bought a slim line PS2 through Myer for $186, although I was worried about the over-heating problems with that version. It’s so compact and I’m so scared I’m going to break it!

I bought a couple of games: Kingdom Hearts and God of War. I’ll also have Psychonauts soon which I have just bought though Ebay. So far God of War has been the absolute favourite and I have been enjoying the gameplay immensely. Kingdom Hearts is not as good as I had thought. Not at the standard I thought it would be after so many people have praised about it. The level design is just really bad! Well these are only my first impressions and I might give them a bit of a review after I complete them.

I think I have over-piled myself with games. I’ve returned to playing Guild Wars. Add ‘Guardian Skyla’ to your friends list if you play. I have also started playing World of Warcraft on my brother’s account. If you are on the server ‘Nathrezim’ feel free to say hi to my noob character ‘Piastol’. In between all this I’ve been playing Beyond Good & Evil, which I have wanted to play for ages. Good thing it’s a whole four months of holidays, I just hope I can restrain from spending my savings for next year.